Chicken Florentine the Easy Way | Simple Keto Dinner Recipes


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  1. I made this tonight and it’s delicious! I didn’t have wine or broth handy so I used some fresh lemon juice. Definitely keeping this recipe in the favorites list. Thanks!

  2. I followed your recipe for this and I'm in LOVE. I will be purchasing your books asap, and also Mega's indian masala eggs were 10/10. My breakfast tasted 100x better that morning! Thank you guys so very much for your channel, and all of your effort.

  3. This killed. 👍👍 I used what I had on hand so I had to replace spinach with kale and used broth instead of wine. So good will definitely make again. I did add a few sun dried tomatoes for funsies and it was still good. Thank you love your videos!!

  4. If you're telling me that the alcohol doesn't cook off then you will have to explain to me how all of the distilled liquors on the planet are made. They all involve heating a base liquid (a mash or in the case of brandy some sort of wine) and evaporating the alcohol out of the aqueous solution. This is essentially the same process used in making a sauce with wine except in that case you don't keep the alcohol.

  5. Thanks so freakin much for turning me on to Headbanger!!! We ARE ADDICTED TO INDIAN FOOD!! He is awesome and I just ordered his books and your new one!!! Yippie Hippie some goooood eatin comin. Sugar to the Lil Dude and take good care of my dog. I luv him

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