Chicken Cutlet and Potatoes Cook-off, Italian Recipes – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. In our house we aways mix the left over egg with the left over bread crumbs, shaped into what looks like a pancake and fry that till golden. Nothing goes to waste.
    I don't recall ever seeing you do that….

  2. I live in Baltimore, the original Little Italy is now a hugh post office!  The remaining one is small and full of restaurants!  There is a store downtown called Trinaccia, where you can get original products, that you can't find in grocery stores!  I go there to get lady fingers, and Italian cream ceese for Tiramisu!  I am on half Napoli and one half Fiorenze on my fathers side!  My mother was full Sicilian from Messina.  The surnames are Magano, Mirabile, Valennti, Farragamo, from Florence, the fashion people!  I am there poor red headed bastard cousin (literally)!  I am 62, but hey I manage!  Thank you for your wonderful Italian cooking, it is like having a friend teach you !

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