Chicken 65 Recipe


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  1. Hello…I recently started watching your channel and tried your recipe for Chilly chicken. It came out very well. Thanks a lot….you are simple, quick and efficient with your recipes. Good Luck…

  2. Hi Saloni ji,

    I searched for 'Chicken 65' in youtube and what I found is that yours is the simplest technique to follow for a first-timer like me. I made it, people liked it to their hearts' content.
    Thank you so much for your effort of making such simple videos !! 🙂
    P.S. : I cooked it even today for the 2nd time .. 😛

  3. Your dish looks lovely and inviting. I grew up eating a lot of delicious curry dishes on the island of Trinidad which has a large diaspora Indian population, even though I am not of Indian descent. Even after migrating to the US, curry dishes form a significant part of my culinary repertoire and I take particular pride in having learned my craft from Indians in my adolescence. The different spice combinations that make up a good Garam Masala are a delight to put together and eat! Thank you!

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