Chicago Johnny’s Italian Beef Recipe From the Home Kitchen (Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwiches)


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  1. just curious, it looked like the beef broth kinda rinsed off the rub. do you think I'd get a better roast if maybe I pour in the broth on the side of the meat without rinsing the seasoned beef before roasting? or in your experience does it all equal out once it's roasted and sliced? I always wonder this when I'm putting a hunk of beef in a slow cooker too. I rub it down, sit it in the cooker on some chunked up onions and then sometimes catch myself pouring the broth right over the rubbed meat, but I've never concluded if it makes a difference after a slow roast of 4-6+ hours.

  2. Thanks Josh, this looks amazing. I'm an American living in Australia. I love Australia but miss a lot of the great foods available in the US. Mostly the ones from Italy via Chicago and New York. You can be sure I will be trying this and putting smiling faces on my Australian friends.

  3. I'm making this today, already have my beef in the fridge cooling and my meat slicer is arriving today. I've been wanting to order one forever. The gravy smells amazing. I also ordered your Giardiniera and what perfect timing that i got it today, and with a surprise, an extra jar free with a nice note in there apologizing for the delay. What a very nice man. I am going to loveeee those peppers, i'm glad i waited to order yours instead of going with the other brands out there. Your blend is soo good.Thank you for everything.

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