Chef’s favorite char siu pork recipe 主廚最愛的叉燒豬骨麵(紮蹄膀湯麵)


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  1. I'm not a cooker and not very often cook at home, but I think this is another way to prepare Charsiu without using a roaster (so called Xa Xiu in Vietnam). I saw my mom did it this way, of course with lesser steps. The thing is its flavour, it's similar to the "REAL" Charsiu.
    I saw some comments below about Charsiu or not Charsiu, and some said it's braised pork. Yeah definitely it's literally braised pork but it's Charsiu too and this is the art of cooking. Like you can make a very yummy roasted pork by frying in it with right preparation (you can search on YouTube for what I say), and if we are talking a bout crunchy roasted pork, they are 99% the same.
    So please show respect to this chef, he knows what braised one and what Charsiu one than anybody here, since he's a professional one 😀

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