Chef Ben – My FAMOUS Marinated chicken recipe


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  1. Ben, you need a cooking show! I would definitely watch. My quarantine consisted of mathoning Below Deck and learning how to cook so I appreciate this video. Also, what mustard did you use?

  2. Excellent video and recipe. You should bottle and sell the seasoning blend. Just come over to my house and I'll help you out with ideas for maximizing your empire! Love chicken thighs. The video will have a better feel if you start out with filming horizontally but I really like this video. You should monetize your channel with ads. You have lots of views so you add YouTube as a source of mailbox money. Keep at it. Been a fan for a long time.

  3. I’d love to see ‘best fish for the grill’ so best fish dishes for an outdoor grill. We always default to the normal meats but fancy spicing it up this summer and we trust you! 🥰

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