Cheap Vegan Meal Prep on $30/week | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, + Snack!


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  1. You’re so pretty! I just wish your recipes were gluten free as well. I can’t eat barley! Nonetheless, I love you and your chat! You’re the most beautiful vegan on YouTube.

  2. These look amazing and delicious! I am sure either way to make the items turns out great, but the recipe on the blog and the video have instructions. I followed the blog and it still turned out lovely for the sweet potato and tofu curry!

  3. Hi Jenne i have a question for u i am gluten and raw prep on most of the times in preparing but in preparing 3times month to cook vegan will it some have a allergic to what iam use to preparing most of time yor fan reply

  4. This video was honestly inspiring. I’m not vegan but I’m looking for healthy meal ideas. These meals are simple and look delicious! Gonna try some of them! Thanks ☺️

  5. I jumped into being vegan for health reasons, I'm very excited about learning more, experimenting and cook for life! By the way you are absolutely beautiful! Blessings

  6. What to avoid:
    -Wheat, Barley, Rye, etc. (Notice all are ingredients in beer :/. I know, I used to love beer too, now I love feeling great!) -Brown rice: Brown rice has lots of phytic acid which can bind to minerals and iron, robbing your body of their benefit. White rice doesn’t have the bran so is ok in moderation, depending on your goals. For the first 30 days cut it out completely.
    -All grains have a version of anti-nutrients of some kind so should be avoided

  7. I love Aldi! Do they have it where you are? Also, I am newly vegetarian, for health reasons, so I am just learning how to utilize vegan "meats" and fresh herbs and things on a very strict budget.I am sure you know that transportation is hard for many people as well.. Thank you for your encouragement nonetheless.🙏

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