Cheap Roast Beef recipes


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  1. Some of the best lookin roasts I've ever seen – and I can tell ya mine are really pretty too. I'll give this cut of beef a try for sure! What do you think of the GrillEye? I love mine.
    Cheers from the Vienna pit

  2. Well I wasn't hungry but I am now. I was going to make a Tommy Chong joke but then saw the video was actually good and the food looks amazing…and Tommy actually can cook great himself so I skipped it all and just got hungry with my mouth watering by the end. Sub'd.

  3. Love you guys but please be more specific with internal temps for the roast beefs. this video u guys did good but the others you missed that one thing. I hate to nitpick because you guys are the best grilling Channel hands down I just saw something that I think maybe you guys can remember to focus one in the future that's all. God bless

  4. YOU HAVE 2 CHOICES GUYS!! You pick, either I live in your yard or I am kidnapping one of you!!! Evil grin. That thermometer is on eBay for $100.00 which seams kind of high when there are others for half that cost. Smiles. MOST EXCELLENT WATCHING THE GRILLING CHANNELS OUT THERE. Nice job.

  5. I am s B B Q VIRGIN and I learned a long time ago, if you don't know the answer ASK the question, so apologies if this appears to be a daft question. I notice that you use a super deluxe bells n whistles grill, which probably costs an arm and a leg nad your first born too. Is it possible, or even feasible to get the same results from an el cheapo grill, from wally world ?.

  6. Have tried making beef roast to put on sandwiches for awhile and I either cooked it long and it came out dry, or I cooked it fast and it came out tough. Gave it another shot after seeing this vid, got an eye of round from the food service store just like in the video. Just a salt and pepper rub, nothing else. Cooked it at 220 for about 5 hours (last hour in foil). It came out at 150f, I overestimated the cook time a bit, but the roast beef was still tender and moist. Finally got a good outcome for roast beef sandwiches! Love the show!

  7. "And I know this is probably the longest BBQ beef roast video you've ever seen" … true, but I could go on watching for hours!

    I have a question though: Have you guys ever done a "dry brine" recipe? I've looked through your past videos, but haven't found one.

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