Char Siu – Chinese BBQ Chicken – Chinese Grilled Chicken Recipe


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  1. Subscribed. I don't eat pork and wasn't sure it could be done with chicken because I love the char siu flavor and this looks beyond delicious. Thank you for sharing. I'll be doing this one in the near future. ♥

  2. This weekend is shaping up to be a nail-biter for the NFC East~ two "must win" games, ey? Can't make this for this weeknd, but it is certainly on the short term radar screen. I will post a video when I do and give you appropriate credit, of course. Thanks for a great recipe.

  3. Hey Larry !!!
    Hey to Otis !!!

    Brother , you are the Man !!!

    Looks Like a Extravaganza of Flavors !!!
    What a Awesome Cook , the Chicken looked Heavenly !!! (PERFECTION) …

    Whats the Bean Curd taste Like ?

    As Always Larry Two Thumbs up for Wicked Video , and Next Level Narration !!!

  4. Thank you John! I too LOVE dark meat!

    Funny you mentioned Sunday Football and the Skins….I was originally going to save this and do it for wings for a game, but couldn't wait!

    Go Skins!

  5. Another great recipe, Larry. This is going on my "must make" list from your site…an ever growing list! We love dark meat chicken here and this is a just right recipe for the NFL football season….I imagine a platefull of these drums on a Sunday afternoon. They sure look pretty. Go 'Skins!

  6. Well hell it ain't like yall can read mandarine chinese writing or korean mess and I ask the grocery dude and he told me he drank shawshing wine to get high so I knew he was no help. lol I am like yall got any stir fry oil? Me no hear! Ok ya ever heard of the world wide web. No speakie! Its them dried shramps and ganja got him braindead but he cool.

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