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  1. Crock? yuck — I dont care how many people you claim eat that, we have places here like Joes BBQ that people swear by and it will make you piss out of your ass, no thanks!

  2. Use a good rub and cook low and slow and remember a good smoked BBQ doesn't need any BBQ sauce but one may add if one likes 🙂 I would love to try your BBQ I also live in Oregon in the Portland area and have been smoking meats for quite some time now I also make beef jerky and of course salmon etc . Although I BBQ for pleasure and by any means not a pro ? LOL I did come in 3rd place for my smoked salmon.

  3. The trophies, t shirt, hat over shirt, and giant poster next to your obnoxious smoker is a bit much. T Roy cooks. Check him out. He's genuine and doesn't take himself so seriously. You must be a real asshole on the competition circuit. There might be a reality show in your future. Reality show is a showcase for most assholes these days.

  4. quick tip for those who might not have the luxury of a smoker: Fill a crock pot with a little bit of cider vinegar, and slow cook your shoulder roast for about 6 hours. Trust me. I did this, the pork came out tender and fit for a king.

  5. This is the worst "secrets & tips" video for pulled pork I have quite possibly ever seen. I suggest you take this down before you indoctrinate the poor souls who are seeking sound advice.

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