Chal Potol—Nobo borsho special—Potol with Fragrant Rice—Bengali vegetarian recipe


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  1. I'm a non- bengali married in a bengali house. Intially I found it really difficult to fit into their kitchen but now I feel so happy when I try your recipes and they complement me. It never fails to impress them.( I don't give them the secret behind my knowing the recipes I.e. Bong Eats😉)

  2. আজ আমি তোমাদের এই রেসিপি দেখে আমার শ্বশুর বাড়িতে প্রথম চাল পটল বানালাম। সবাই খুব প্রশংসা করেছে। আগের দিন শুক্তো বানিয়েছিলাম । অনেক ভালোবাসা আর ধন্যবাদ তোমাদের।💖💖

  3. আমি সাধারণ ভাবে কখনও পটল খাই না। কিন্তু আজ আপনাদের recipe
    দেখে আর থাকতে পারলাম না। একটু আগেই এটা try করলাম। Thank you Insiya কাকিমা আর Saptarshi কাকু Amar পটল phobia দুর করার জন্য। আমার মা খুব খুশি হবে। I love your channel

  4. Ami bangali, khete o randhte dutoi bhalobhasi, I have been through a lot of channels on YouTube which are cooking/food/recipe based,but believe me this is THE channel which has a perfect mix of simplicity and sophistication,undisputed bangaliana,long live BONG EATS.

  5. Eta amar onyo tomo pochhonder khabar. Amar maa er haat e kora onekgulo osadharon rannar 1ta.
    Maa er kachh theke onek dure achhi. Dekha holei khabo.
    Tomra mone koriye dile otiter kotha.
    Maa er hat er swad er kotha.
    Tomra anonde thako valo thako r valo valo ranna kore jao.

  6. My Grandmother Also Prepares This Dish. Even Though I Am Not Much Of A Parwal Fan, I Love This Particular Preparation. Thanks For Reminding Me Those Days. I'm Missing Home.

  7. You can see how this dish is highly influenced by the Portuguese who came to Bengal in the 15th and 16th centuries. This dish is not what Bengalis would have been eating before the Portuguese arrived for obvious reasons.

  8. One of my most most favourite… my mom use to cook…. only thing she skips cashews nd Raisins… I think she use to add bit of poppy seeds…
    it left as memories of my mom …

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