Caveman Steak Recipe – Cooked directly on the coals


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  1. I've actually cooked outside just on Hot Rocks, it made a fire and bake the rocks and actually cooked on top of rocks turned out pretty good. of course you have to find the right track the cook on.

  2. I bought a fire grill from bass pro shop. One that has legs and can stand alone and got 4 cinder blocks. I built a fire and set the fire grill upside down with the legs facing in the air and cooked a steak about 4 inches off the direct coals. Best steak I've ever had!! No ash on the steak hardly at all.

  3. City people are brainwashed to believe everything will either make deadly ill and/or kill them! They are a sad bunch of humanity and I am happy when they stay where they are safe; inside the corporate limits of their corporate city!

    Great steaks man!

  4. Best no to season with anything but salt. Otherwise the seasoning will burn. Be sure to flatten out your coals to maximize contact wit the meat and avoid flareups. Just sayin.

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