Cauliflower Stuffing – Vegan & Gluten Free


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  1. This was beyond delicious! I ate it with roasted sweet potatoes on the side as my thanksgiving dinner and had to make it again already…lol. Thanks for a new favorite recipe!

  2. Hi Chris, hope you had a terrific thanksgiving. So I made this dish and there was nothing left !!. This was so wonderful My Hubby couldn't stop thinking about how delicious the stuffing was. It smelled Devine. just like all the thanksgivings we've had before being vegan. I loved the simplicity, of making this dish. So Thank you again for a great Recipe. will be making this a few more times before next Year. 🙂 🙂

  3. I am so happy I decided to watch this. I followed the little link to your veggie broth recipe & saw how easy it looked. I wrote it down but cut it in half since I live alone & don't have a stock pot big enough for 24 cups. I have been looking for a good broth recipe to cook lentils or rice in and I can't wait to try it.

    I do have a couple of questions for you. Can the carrots & celery for the broth be oven roasted to develop more flavor before you add them to the onions & the rest of the ingredients? And with your bacon recipe, is that unsweetened coconut?

  4. I love all the foods you make since I'm vegan, but I am also gluten free too. 🙂 Thanks for the video Chris. Please make more videos making food that is vegan and gf.

  5. God bless you, Chris. Stuffing is my favourite foods and while I can make a regular stuffing using gluten free bread, I like having options! I would love to see some more gluten free recipes, like your tofu popcorn "chicken" (used smoked tofu for that – so fucking good)

  6. Nice recipe just found myoko cream cheese at trader Joe's no oil added & the Jackfruit company jack if all foods BBQ Jackfruit at Kroger 10oz 5.99. I'll try this recipe out but it won't be for the holidays don't celebrate since my loss

  7. Miyokos is being sued for that butter from a person in New York claiming that they were deceived buy the packaging or something like that in the amount of $5million. I sure hope Miyoko wins this battle.

  8. I like that your spice jars are decaled with the name of the channel. Way to go with the branding! This recipe is unusual and tasty-looking; will give it a go for Thursday. TFP : )

  9. I would've given this a like for all the awesome puns in itself, but I'm liking it for the awesome recipe too. Not to mention the zombie sign on the stove (and the best zombie watcher pup🐾)

  10. Yum! Stuffing is one of my favorite Thanksgiving foods anyway, and this way it’s much healthier to fill my plate with it! 😂

    My veggie cooking has been getting a bit stale, and less fun to eat as a result. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. oooooofffzzzz mmmmzzz i alwayzz steam fry cauliflowers,onions and carrots one of my favorite food in all galaxiezzz but i should try them this way too far sure mmmmzzz ooooffffzzzz 😍😝😍😝😍😝😍😝😍😝😍😝😝😝😝💘💚🌌💚🌌💚🌌💚🌌💚🌌💚🌌💚🌌💘

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