Cauliflower Crust Pizza—Healthy Dinner Recipe | Autumn Fitness


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  1. Great taste!!! But like some others said, mine was soggy with edges brown. It looks a lot thicker than yours so next till I'll try to dry more and split the "dough" in 2 and make 2 thinner pizzas. Ingredients/spices were perfect, I just need to practice the consistency 👍🏻

  2. sorry but oil isn't an egg substitute a better one is chia seeds or flax seeds(boil and drain to use the gelatinous liquid in place of eggs)Note: this add more fibre though in case too much fiber is a problem for your gut or to keep it simple just use Greek yogurt or cottage cheese or small amount of coconut flour just to bind it so it does not fall apart

  3. Love this recipe! And you ladies! However I followed this video EXACTLY while making this for dinner tonight and sadly.. The crust didn't bake correctly… The corners burnt while the middle/inside was soggy.. I live In Colorado ( mile above sea level) and was curious if this was an altitude issue?? Any advice? Thanks ladies!

  4. I LOVE cauliflower pizza crust and the one recipe I have used in the past is totally different this one.  I get really frustrated at the lack of "crunch" I get from making mine. I've been on 21 Day Fix and clean eating now for a year, so to see Autumn in this video promoting this recipe has me totally excited and anxious to run home to make a pizza pie tonight!

  5. OMGosh!!!! I made this last night. I added lean ground beef, onions, peppers, and mushrooms! It was so good! We bought a Papa Johns pizza and had this for myself. My husband n son took a bite of both and decided that the cauliflower pizza was better! How cool is that? Well, the only thing not cool is that they ate mine and left theirs! This is definitely a keeper. I typically get sick when I eat a lot of bread. This did not make me sick, I did not feel bloated after eating it, nor did I feel like I was missing out on anything. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

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