Catfish 2 ways by Chinese Masterchef | Chinese Food • Taste Show


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  1. 第一个是沸腾鱼和第二个是大蒜烧鲶鱼。The first one is "Boiling fish", the key is you have to marinate the fish with enough seasoning for better taste. the second one is "Braised garlic catfish", use garlic, vinegar to cover the muddy taste from the catfish.

  2. Catch – 1 : even though the meat changes but the same ingredients and similar cooking method everytime.
    Catch – 2 : 5 minutes of boiling fish coated with cornflour and then pouring hot oil, how do we know fish is cooked? If its uncooked, what's next put some more oil.

    You guys shoot the video in a great way and chef has good knife skills. But the cooking of meat has to be ensured to stop zoonotic viruses like corona

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