Cast iron mountain man breakfast recipe


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  1. To everyone on here making ignorant ass comments about how this is so unhealthy and a recipe for a heart attack, you need to realize that this is the type of breakfast that working men ate before they went off to bust their asses for 10-15 hours a day seven days a week. Miners, loggers, railroad builders, mariners, and of course mountain men and voyageurs. People who worked, and I mean really earned their keep. You needed something highly caloric because by the end of your day you would have burned it all off and then some. Remember, this is called a mountain man breakfast, not an unemployed-hipster-keyboard warrior-living in their parent's house rent free breakfast.

  2. he's so proud of the fact that it's not sticking, yet there's prob a whole cup of grease in the pan lol. this is a recipe for a heart attack. what accent is that??

  3. Have you ever tried this with some chopped onions added to and browned in the bacon grease before adding the diced potatoes?  It gives it some great flavor.

  4. Thanks buddy!! Let me know when you try it! I didnt forget the cast iron steak either 😉 Sometime within the next month or 2 that may come…. i also want to do a vid on how to season cast iron correctly.

  5. lol! Yes, i left it in there and dumped everything else in. High in fat?…. yes, but once in a while its ok to indulge in something very delicious and flavorful 😉

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