Cast Iron Cooking Fried Chicken Recipe


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  1. I am new in the cast iron world. You sir are a teacher in the highest ranks. I love your show have subscribed and intend to watch many cast iron recipes to come! Thank you for your wonderful advise and keep it coming please.

  2. one suggestion on cooking Always turn the handles on pots or skillets toward the center of the stove. This prevents accidently hitting them and knocking them off. A hot skillet full of hot oil would be very bad. especialy if it spilled on to a pet or kid.

  3. Looks good! I started using cast iron about a year or so ago… still learning more about cooking with it. Thanks for the recipe & tutorial… but – 2 1/2 cups of salt?
    I assume u meant flour! Ha!Ha!

  4. Just a trick with Cast Iron, not sure if you know this trick… if you put the pan in the oven at about 250-300 degrees about 30 minutes before you put it on the stove and start cooking, it will give you a much more evenly heated surface, and it will be quicker to set the proper temp of the pan for cooking.

  5. Thank you for this video sir! Im just recently within the past year getting into cast iron so i really appreciate the work you put into this!
    I gotta ask, how do you know when the chicken is done?

  6. Hey buddy good video your mom's chicken looks so good but may I suggest you turn the handle of the fry pan in towards the oven so you or no one else catches it with their bodies or clothing and get a terrible burn… Children are the ones who would suffer most with the hot grease landing on their upper torso or even head and face. My mom taught me that early on and I am sure yours did too with you but might be something very important that you have forgotten over time. I will certainly try this and know it will be worth the little effort required …

    Btw my dad did all the frying of chicken pretty much like yours but in regular fry pans that the family would always gather around Sunday afternoons for wonderful dinners… takes me back to those sweet times so many years ago….How long did you warm up the grease before putting in the chicken ..I'm guessing 5 minutes over med high heat once the grease is known to be hot to prepare? .. I have left over steak for lunch today but now Im in the mood instead for your momma's yummy chicken, thanks pal for making me go back on my own motto of waste not want not 🙂

    here's a tip thats very good especially with bar-b-que chicken that a neighbor shared with me when a young man. Get the cheapest beer you can buy and marinate it over night in the fridge covered in a large bowl then cook… You will need to pay close attention to the cook time for when cutting the breast open there will be so much juice you will wrongly assume its not done and then overcook it… the beer flavor burns off during cooking so no after taste to it but the alcohol makes the meat so tender n juicy…hope you try


  7. For years I made my fried chicken with an electric skillet like I remember my suburban grandmother doing and it was fine. Then a local country restaurant that had been in business for 91 years closed that was know for their  fried chicken…THE best fried chicken. People would routinely make the trip from the city to its remote location 40 minutes away to eat the chicken.  After they closed, they published a cookbook.  The secret to their fried chicken?  A cast iron skillet heated until the house is about to burn down with the power boil burner on the gas stove with a pizza pan used as a lid and flour as the coating. No buttermilk batter, no brine soaking,  no pre seasoning for 24 hours. Dust the chicken in the flour, throw it in the insanely hot oil and watch it to turn golden brown and turn when needed. Salt the chicken to taste when its still hot. Then scrap the skillet of the brown bits to use for the gravy.  I can't even imagine going back to the electric skillet again…and deep fried chicken is nothing but a crashing bore.  Its not a food you  want to eat everyday or even every week, but when you do make it…what an experience! Thank you for posting this very old fashioned and often forgotten way to cook fried chicken.

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