Cassoulet – the Famous South Of France Bean Stew


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  1. I am not a big fan of french food and I don't eat junk food loaded with fat and suger. I will never eat snails, only for the poor who cannot afford reel food. But this type of food one should at leest try one time and if you don't like then you don't have to eat it any more.

  2. I think this would be interesting to try, but I must say its not one of my favorite recipes on your channel. I think there are many other recipes I would want to make first, and make often. This one, it might be something to try just to do something different but I doubt it will ever be something we would make too often, maybe once every couple of years.

  3. Mouth watering. I was surprised they hadn't torn chunks from a baguette to eat with this stew. I think they violated four or five French laws by leaving out that country's magnificent bread — mitigated somewhat by I'm sure the robust red wine that each diner had along side the dish.

  4. I have read your comments ,however I have not come across anyone who actually made this dish! Well I did .There was a disconnect between the video and recipe, we watch Jerome throwing tons of garlic in the dish,yet the recipe calls for 6 gloves ,same with the tomatoes ,Jerome used more than just three.
    Also my beans were cooked on low and were done in 30 minutes with no " juice" left.
    I needed about three litters of broth rather than one.
    The meat also took about 45 min to brown, even after I turned the oven to 250.
    Finally the last step where " the magic" happens ! Well my magic took over 2 hours to happen( I turned the oven up after an hour).All in all it was not that magical at all, after we finally sat down to dinner, we felt the dish lagged flavour , and the "wow" factor was not there.
    Soo ,in closing it needed more acid and spice and was boring !

  5. Je tenais a te faire remarqué une erreur de traduction , le chef donne une température de 220 degrée pour la viande mais tu dit 200 .
    Pas trop important mais je suis pointilleux ^^

  6. We have earthenware pots already and I will try this cassoulet soon. One question: In the video Chef Roussillon made three (3) earthenware pots of cassoulet. Is this one recipe enough to fill three (3) pots, or should I double the recipe for the same amount of cassoulet. I have one very earthenware pot which will should be able to hold the entire amount. Merci, Mark

  7. In the video you mention something about the Tolouse sausage with apple sauce.
    Sounds quite interesting, would you talk about that in some future video?

  8. I made something like this way back, when I was studying French cuisine, but it was goose and beef, so I don't know if it was the same, but I am going to make this and see if I remember it. I do seem to remember some dish that is beef and red wine and goose liver, with shallots, cooked much the same way, that is served with fresh bread and mature wine, though for the life of me I can not remember the name.

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