Cassoulet – French White Bean & Meat Gratin – Cassoulet de Toulouse Recipe


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  1. So when I substitute about half a dozen of the ingredient with closest approximations I can find at Walmart, will it still be a Cassoulet? This thing was so complicated I almost stop watching, but it looked so delicious I kept going and might be willing to try a bastardized approximation.

  2. You really encouraged us to use Toulouse sausage.   This as available NO PLACE.  This would great for you to show a demonstration on making sausage.   A great Toulouse sausage with garlic and wine would be a great sausage to make.  Everyone has a Kitchen Aid, and they have the sausage making gadgets.  I would love this idea.

  3. Food Wishes fait un Cassoulet, et ça c'est une leçon, y compris pour moi qui suis Français. Ce qui me surprend, c'est que toutes les étapes (complexes) sont respectées, y compris les haricots tarbais.
    Chef John, your Cassoulet is fantastic. Bravo.

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