Cashew Chicken Recipe ไก่ผัดเม็ดมะม่วงหิมพานต์ – Hot Thai Kitchen


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  1. Take comments like "mild" or "hot" with a pinch of salt if the person saying this is from Korea or Thailand…. Especially when they say mild…don't believe them!!!!

  2. I love your cooking videos but you need to condense them down to five minutes or less if possible. I just read an article that said that the shorter videos are always the most watched they are! Just a suggestion! Kind of like Happy Wok but with your beautiful face and adorable personality!

  3. My purchase of a jar of Nam Prik Pao this Tuesday prolly constitutes the best 2 Euro 49 spent this year. If only for discovering that it would've been worth watching your channel. But then of course, there's so many more discoveries, delicious dishes, morsels of knowledge and insight, here. Thanks to you, my gai pad med mamuang himapam tonight was as good as any I had in Thailand! (And I always thought mamuang was mango, as in kao nieow mamuang …)

  4. never mind the cooking (she is a good cook) she should be Miss Thailand for ever she looks fantastic if I were younger I would merry her in two minutes and put down a dowry of 50 000 00 Canadian to her family and happy ever after by the way I live in Thailand close to Bangkok and I am Canadian

  5. If I can't find the nam prik pao and I don't want to make it myself, will it make much of a difference if I used Sambal Olelek ground chili paste instead or is it close enough?

  6. Pailin: Do you consider this to be a thai dish? I saw this dish and a sweet and sour tomato dish at a thai restaurant today and I felt that they were out of place even though both dishes seemed popular with the farang. Eating at chinese restaurants isn't very hip anymore. But eating chinese style dishes in a THAI restaurant is still very accepted. 😉

  7. Some restaurant here in phuket used green and yellow julienne peppers and some with pineapples in it, did they cross the main ingredients? Some restaurants have different style but yours i found it standard ingredients…

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