Caribbean french fried Chicken Recipe from Chef Ricardo Cooking


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  1. Are you a real chef on paper, or your a self taught chef. I remember you saying never seen this befor. What did you invent really? Was it the milk and egg, was it seasoning the flour, lol you said you live in London , how do u get Jamaican egg there?? We won't talk how many time you call your own name or say beautiful

  2. I'm a chef de partie and iv never met a chef that doesn't wash his hands and call a splash when you can see its more than a tablespoon full. this man is not a cook in uk. his hand contained flour from a process he carryed in time and he hasn't washed it still. dirty cook.

  3. Thank you for posting the recipes! Is it possible to show the name of the seasoning blends you are using in future videos? I am new to Jamaican cooking, it would be helpful when shopping for the ingredients. I enjoy your channel, and I hope you will have continued success.

  4. I know I'm three years late, but honestly people are so mean and rude! I never get how you can take the time to search for a recipe, then complain how and what that person does with the recipe! Take it…or leave it, don't complain and tell someone what do on their channel and with their recipe!

    Chef Ricardo honestly seems so sweet and is clearly passionate, watch his videos on mute if it means that much. Nevertheless, people will still complain and be mean. It's not easy to come on here and make videos, you may not like the content, you can exit anytime.

    Keep doing what you are doing chef, keep the passion, keep saying "nice and beautiful" as many times you like. You're helping a lot of people, the same people that cuss you are the same taking tips! Don't change.


  5. That fried chicken looks delicious but I do have a few questions for you how many eggs how much milk did you use to make the liquid batter and how long do you put the chicken in the oven for and at what temperature

  6. chef i sub u , please sub me back. Like your videos, you r a great cook but you spend too much time talking and emphasizing on your words and action. As a result, you sound more like a imposter sales man/ con artist. As i said love your videos but less talking and more action could cut off a lot of minutes off you videos.

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