Can the Worst Steak on the Cow Be Saved with a Tub of Beef Fat? — Prime Time


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  1. Helloooo, Beautiful & Kind People of the Internet! Hope you enjoy this new episode! Brent and I both agree that this cut just doesn't make a good steak…but we wanted to be double sure, ya know? Looking forward to chatting with everyone, so definitely leave comments below and we'll hopefully get back to ya!
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  2. If I may make a recommendation. As a steak… not as a Pot Roast, but as a steak; you can dry age the Eye of Round to drastically improve its flavor profile and tenderness. Most people don't do this because they don't know how to dry age beef, and because… well… laziness. It's easier just to buy a ribeye than it is to dry age an Eye of Round. In any case, you are looking at 35 days of dry aging minimum.

  3. This is disappointing. If you're trying to garner attention by being stupid, congratulations. You had me going for a while but this kills any interest.

  4. Girello, fairly popular here in Australia. I feel so dirty now.

    Edit: It does make a good corned beef though. Would sell 4 to 1 compared to the silverside in my experience.

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