Calzone Recipes – Real Italian Calzones


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  1. Never understood the fuss about italian food, no matter what you do everything tastes like pizza. Dough, pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese … Always the same

  2. not feeling the shredded cheddar. a calzone is supposed to be gooey cheese, (mozzerella), its more cohesive with the ricotta. Plus cheddar and tomato sauce? not sure about that. although a fine production and i really enjoy all your vids. –1st time commenter

  3. Pleeeeease this is NOT "Real italian calzones" I am Italian, and just seeing the recipe I had a heart attack: ricotta??? ceddar cheese??? Pepperoni?????? egg on the dough??? Tomato sauce on the side???? Pleeeeeeease!!!! This is american calzones!!!!!

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