CALDO DE POLLO | Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe | How to Make Chicken Caldo


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  1. Got your cookbook and decide to make caldo con pollo. in using the cookbook, i found that the instructions read to add carrots but no carrots were in the ingredients, i referred to this video to find out about the carrots, also i only had skinless and boneless thighs which worked out as the chicken separated itself after it cooked, WAS DELICIOUS 🙂

  2. If I need a recipe i usually look at your page first then I hit up another lady I like: I have some guys that I watch too. I love your channel and think you understand your viewers and your voice is nice and your just awesome!

  3. I was looking for a simple video to make some caldo de pollo…ironic I opened this one, have only 3 ingredients, you mentioned on the video, but it looks simple and yummo…..soup for my soul….thanks

  4. It’s so strange. When I cook recipes from a book, I’m fine. I follow the recipes. However, not with TexMex or Mexican. I for some reason cannot stand reading an actual recipe for caldo, enchiladas, or anything. My parents, grandparents, and family never used a recipe book, exact measurements and all of their caldo was delicious but different. Thanks for all your videos.

  5. Hello Victoria do you know if this soup freezes well? I'm concerned about the cabbage , and the squash. I would like to make the soup in November freeze it. I live in Chicago the news media is saying the coronavirus is going to hit us bad during the winter. In Chicago when the coronavirus we had to wait in line to get into the grocery. Especially if we're not if we are sick .'m hoping to make the soup freeze it when we are sick just pull it out of The freezer. Stay safe, and healthy thanks for making the video.

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