Cabbage Roll Recipe Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. I was taught by a lady from Japan and hers , like you mentioned is not the same , did not have tomato's of any kind or chicken broth! Rice , water chestnuts , bamboo shoots , and green onion all finely chopped and soy sauce added in meatball mix too. Broth is miso and or soy sauce , water and or beef broth, sugar or rice syrup , sea salt or msg (back 45 years ago but today I never consume msg) , and pepper . Cover cabbage rolls pan bottom 1" in sauce add rolls cover with sauce bake covered for 45-60 min. At 375 oven basting 3-4 times and last 5 min. uncovered if needed for color. Yummy! Even a cabbage hater Ate All The Cabbage !!

  2. This dish is not Japanese. This is an old German/Polish/Russian recipe that my family has made for generations. There is nothing "Japanese" about this dish. Please research the history of your foods before making such a claim.

  3. Hello! I made this yesterday! I was feeling under the weather and saw your video and it looked so good and healthy and not to complicated to make so, I decided to make it 😉
    Even though I wasn't feeling well I pulled myself out of bed and went to my favorite Asian market for a few of the ingredients. And… whole family loved it! Me being sick craved more broth so next time I will double the broth reciepe. Thank you for inspiring me to get out of bed I felt better after eating it and most definitely will make it again 👍🏽

  4. In germany we call this one kohl-rouladen and it's one of my favorite! my grandma ♥ taught me how to make them and it's almost the same recipe. our "soup" is more like a dark spicy and slimy sauce when cooked and it sticks to the cabbage roll….(and we make them with more cabbage…like 3 layers each^^)

    granny's secret is to not use fresh cabbage…when it's older (like two week or so) die leaves become floppy and it's easier to wrap them.

  5. In Romania we call it "Sarmale" and they are boiled with Tomato Juice. Just a suggestion: Boil water and place the cabbage for a few minutes in it. It will fall apart easily, and you will have more nice "leaves" to play with. :). Love your channel!

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