BuzzFeed Food Tested! DIY Healthy Lunch Recipes + Snacks!


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  1. It makes me a little disappointed to see that people think potatoes are unhealthy. French fries aren't unhealthy because they're made with potatoes, but rather because they're fried in oil which gives them a high fat content (and often served with lotssss of salt). The fry recipe would've actually been much healthier if you had cut up some potatoes and baked them oil free in the oven! 🙂 Much more filling, nutrient dense, and probably less caloric than processed cornmeal dough.

  2. I can answer for Dylan more collab recipes : maybe late night eating ,easy recipes to impress your guest, on the go lunch, a day full of meals and snacks, snacks on the go, meals you can make with a friend.

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