Buzzfeed Breakfast Food Recipes TESTED! | Courtney Lundquist


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  1. Okay, I just opened your video for the first time because I was looking for ideas for breakfast and the first thing that came to mind when I opened this video was that you have amazing eyebrows.

  2. We actually make the french toast grilled cheese at home a lot! We just don't add anything sweet to it and it turns out like savory french toast (just bread, eggs, bit of milk and salt) topped with cheese and we all really love it!

  3. ugh well tried the Toast and cheese and I love eating creative food but ugh you are right on about it. Its not just the cheese with the french toast but the cheese with the syrup isnt good and usually salty and sweet would compliment each other but id say cheese and french toast is a not so good combo. 1/10 from me also. gross. Bread bowl is good though :)

  4. In cooking class we once made French toast. It took us about 20 mins to make and cook but when we tasted it was so good! I lost the recipe tho which sucked. The only French toast I liked, also it was on good bread.

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