Butternut Squash Soup – with just 5 ingredients – Recipes from FitBrits.com


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  1. Thank you so much , this is such a great recipe . its cheap and you have explained everything so well . may i also add that you have a great voice and you should see if you can use it for voice overs for other videos . many thanks . im going to enjoy my soup .

  2. I bought a butternut squash for the first time today and had no idea what to do with it! After searching youtube your recepie was by far the most simplest and looked delicious. So i will be following your steps to make this! Thankyou. Btw what do you think the calorie content would be for a medium sized bowl of butternut squash?

  3. A stock cube?
    Wouldn't it be easier to just buy a can of soup instead? That way you won't have to prepare any of the ingredients yourself at all.

  4. Just made this this evening for the first time and my 7 year old daughter said, "Mommy this is the best dinner ever!" Will be a Winter dish for us! Thank you! Especially for the use of affordable ingredients already in the cupboard.

  5. Thanks for this nice and simple, just made some for the first time and it taste great. Only thing different I did was add a bit of Sage. I will definately make it again.

  6. Lovely…just made it and had some crusty freshly baked bread with it……just what is needed on a cold winters evening…proper comfort food…:0) x

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