Butter Chicken


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  1. Why are you not wearing a proper attire where the whole world is watching you?
    Looks like you are wearing a night gown.
    I believe guys are not watching your cooking🙄😜
    They sure watching the attire you are wearing.
    Suggest you wear something decent. Moreover you are not young looking. 😛😜😝

  2. Saloni, This is not Authentic butter chicken, what about grillig, grill it on griddle, Gas flame, Chacoal, you will get the smoky flavor Or ask me i will come to your place and make the authentic murgh makhni, use asli ghee not butter.

  3. Wow! This really helpful, I have been wondering how to delid an i7 6700k intel core for ages now! Wait, You aren't linus techtips??? What is this cruel world. Well now I'm here I may at least ask. Do you do Nvidia GPU reviews on your channel

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