Bundt cake ( ciambella ) – Italian recipe


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  1. I've made this cake for my family, friends & company, every time I make it everyone can't stop at only one serving & its always a hit, even better the next day and it's true, vanilla powder is better than the extract. Tfs this recipe, I love this cake & so does everybody I share it with.

  2. There are pre-mesaured packets of "vanillina" that are use in standard italian recipes…we don't use cups and spoons for measuring…you can substitute with 1 tsp or 2 of vanilla extract

  3. Well done!! Remember that the type of flour and the size of eggs often change from country to country, so it's always better to check the consistency of the batter to decide whether to reduce or increase the amount of these ingredients.

  4. I made this cake yesterday and you were right! I did fall in love with this cake. My batter was a bit more liquid than yours because I used liquid vanilla and I guess the organic eggs I used are larger, but it came out perfect! A beautiful light brown and soft and airy. And what I love the most is that is not too sweet. I used cake flour and a 10"shaped bundt pan. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes with us 😀

  5. @Juberoos Yes, in Italy the vanilla powder is most widespread! In comparison to the vanilla extract, it contains no alcohol additives and will not evaporate if added to warm liquids. That's why you may want to add 1/2 tsp more if substituting the vanilla extract to the vanilla powder.

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