Budget Bento Lunches– Cheap & Healthy Gluten Free Recipes! – Mind Over Munch


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  1. I made the dried fruit bars tonight, and I actually really like them (I wasn't 100% convinced, but I like to try new things)! They are, however, really REALLY sticky. The video doesn't make them look too bad, so I wonder if I did something wrong, or are they just really good at masking it? Has anyone else made them and had similar results?

  2. Hey! I love this channel and this series! Ive been really wanting to eat more healthy! Im currently in 4th grade going to middle school(where I live thats 5th) I don't eat school lunches cause… ew. This has really helped me eat healthier and feel motivated. When I watch these videos I feel motivated to eat healthy, pack healthy, and plan(I don't know why). My old lunches used to be:
    A bag of chips
    Fruit snacks
    Apple sauce
    and seaweed.
    Not very healthy.. I noticed during the school day I got really hungry even after lunch. Then I found this channel and packed one lunch like this, I wasn't hungry the rest of the day(except at dinner)! And I have ADHD, I noticed that I could focus better! I don't know why. Also these are so great, cause they dont get super messed up and splattered everywhere. Thanks sooo much for these videos and this channel!!

    Ps: Here is a Bento box Idea! Everything is from Costco. Maybe you can do a Costco bento box video!

    Seaweed Almond Chips
    2 Aussie Bites
    Popcorn chips(Sea Salt, or plain popcorn)
    Rice cake with peanut butter.
    And fruit.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this lol.

  3. I like the videos and all the ideas, but the second bento is not gluten free because it it made with a whole wheat tortilla, and this could be a big issue for someone with less food allergy knowledge making food for someone who can't have gluten or wheat. I know that there are gluten free options to substitute (like corn and brown rice) but that is not what you show in the video. And I think the title of 'Gluten Free Recipes!' should be removed before anyone gets sick from this oversight.

  4. I have made a list of my favourite bentos from each of your videos! Sometimes I switch them up but my favorite is the raspberry with cantaloupe. All my friends say " Wow your lunch is so cool! " I am so happy thank you so much, really! And awesome channel please don't stop 🙂

  5. I liked everything but the carrot chips . I made almost all the stuff just not the blender pumpkin muffins cause I can’t get pumpkin . The carrot chips were strange but the rest was great! Definitely try some recipes if your looking for a new ad exciting school or work lunch

  6. I just found you and I am thanking all the Gods right now. I need help so bad!! I just totally blank out in the kitchen, but the one area that is somewhat promising for me is the fun snack type meals like this ….but you just took it to a whole mother lever baby! THANK YOU! Where have you been ….🙌🏻🙌🏻

  7. My family is obsessed with the hummus oatmeal crackers. I just dump the dough onto a cookie sheet and spread it out and score into squares. Much easier than forming circles and so delicious, I love this channel!

  8. Found your channel by coincidence. Fell in love instantly! Your editing is so entertaining, i was shocked to see that you haven't more subscribers! Great job, i really do appreciate it!❤
    Greetings from Germany! 🙂

  9. Yay budget bentos. I think #2 is my favorite but I am definately intrigued by #3.

    I hate zucchini except in zucchini bread and zucchini relish so I might like those waffle bites.

    Thank you for working so hard to make such creative videos. Also for responding to all my comments. ❤

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