Budae Jjigae Korean Army Base Stew


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  1. I love Ramen noodles and rice and I love vegetables and I really want the soup to eat with my vegetables and to eat with rice and to eat the soup and with my noodles it’s just me but no one does any recipes without making it extremely spicy and there’s a lot of people out there who can’t do spicy so if you would consider doing some videos or just giving me some feedback because I do not want to skimp on flavor because I really love flavor I love to cook and I make all my own homemade stocks but I want some Asian soup I want some flavor I love Asian food and I’ve never had any Asian soup’s please help thank you

  2. I want to try this so bad but the first spice that goes in , I’ve never tried it but I can’t eat spicy foods anymore I’ve had 3stomach surgery s & my system can’t handle it even though I love spicy food 😢😢😢

  3. My grandad who served in Korea with the U.S army , got a chance to try some of this Stew after being fatally wounded by a bayonet in the Arm Pit . Fast forward 56 years later , me, my dad, my grandma and him flew to Korea to visit a dying friend he met during the war who unfortunately passed due to a Brain Tumor . Before leaving Korea we managed to find a restaurant serving Budae Jjigae , man good times .

  4. I make a version of this using the Chinese Chili paste, never had it in the ROK when I was there, but OMG, my version ain't to bad. Girlfriend even likes it, I use a little more cheese, n have rice w/ it. U can modify any dish n make it ur own.

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