Brussels Sprout Subzi – Indian Vegetarian Recipe


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  1. I love how both of you talk about cooking foreign veggies in an honest manner… too cute. love Indian food. you're recipe works better in a steel or copper pan. non stick cookware is no Bueno

  2. I'm sooo glad I found your channel. I love the spices but they are so hard to find. Where is the best place to find the spices. Some of them I've never heard of. Love your channel!

  3. This dish looks so gorgeous! I love brussels sprouts and adding some beautiful, 'warm' 'indian' spices to them seems like just another awesome way to enjoy them. Thank you for sharing ladies! I love your channel. 🙂

  4. I wished I discovered Brussels as I first moved out on my own after school because they usually are cheap, can be cooked a number ways, are low fat and can even be simple finger foods if preparing them whole in something such as simmering soy sauce that it absorbs for flavor to be able to be picked straight form the pot after handling temperature. ( that type snack seems not to attract thousnds of views from Youtube turds pretending to be fancy )

    Thanks, looked very yummy and will try it.

  5. Hi ladies;
    Have a suggestion for you the recipe looks amazing, My family love brussel sprouts and we cook them often next time you make your dish of curry brussels try blanching them for 2 minutes and mergeing in cold water before frying they will take less time to fry and be tender to taste so good luck and enjoy debbie

  6. that looks great! but I don't think I am gonna to find all the spices here in Spain! : ) please what is urad daal? any other name for it? and what kind of oil you use? thanks : ))

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