Brisket Burnt Ends | Smoked Beef Brisket and Burnt Ends on Ole Hickory


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  1. Malcom, i get my 36" butcher paper from this width of paper makes the perfect wrap because you just pull off what you need and wrap. It's not necessary to use two pieces of the paper. This also works well on ribs. When doing wedding catering or fund raising, we wrap 3 slabs at once in the paper, best ribs ever since we finish them over direct heat work a semisweet mop. Hope this helps

  2. I like to toss the burnt ends in a little bit of a thicker sauce, but then I pan them with their own fat, or a couple pats of unsalted butter and leave them on until the exterior is crispy but the interior is soft and delicious.

    IMO, it appeared you left them in too much juice.

  3. There are no burnt ends like my favorite BBQ joint. Well , beef brownies is what they call them. Theirs is not cooked in all that sauce, they don't need it. And they're hot BBQ sauce. You will leave VERY satisfied.

  4. Suggestion: Can you announce at the end of your vids the date and time of your next video? Oh and also the address. I'm sure a little audience won't hurt… Don't worry we'll bring our own drinks!

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