Bresaola Salad Recipe | Italian Healthy Salad


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  1. What a beautiful view to have while cooking 🙂 This salad looks amazing!! I've never had bresaola but I love prosciutto and copper – does it taste similar? Great video as per usual – loved it 🙂 

  2. Omg, this was so fun to watch! What an amazing backdrop!  I love cooking with fresh ingredients and I LOVE PARSLEY!
    I've never had bresaola but I love prosciutto so I'm sure I'd love bresaola too.
    Looks delicious.

  3. Beautiful salad Vincenzo! May I ask if Bresaola is similar to cappocollo? maybe one day can you show your recipe for spaghetti pescatore with a red sauce. My hubby loves it . I make it but I have not mastered it properly.  Love your channel 🙂

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