Brennan & Carr Serves Show-Stopping Roast Beef — The Meat Show


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  1. if you've never been there, you will not understand just how really great this place is………..small, family atmosphere, ice cold beer on tap, friendly staff and the hot beef is the best in the city………the burgers are excellent, and, if you want fries, make sure you get them smothered with cheese. One of the only reasons I ever go back to Brooklyn anymore is to go eat there…………

  2. I sometimes get the impression that I could spend a lifetime in places like New York or Tokyo just going to restaurants and literally doing nothing else… and it would be a great life!

  3. Have some etiquette, stop biting your fork. Talking whilst you have food in your mouth and eating your food whilst your mouth is open.

    It’s off putting, thanks boo 😘

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