Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner Recipes for Babies 7 to 12 months~Indian baby food recipes~baby food ideas


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  1. Hey Gaura just what I was looking for thanks for sharing your recipes and this is going to help me a lot as my son Arjun will be turning 7 months on June 7 th. This was really practical and easy ones also your tips will help me to manage busy schedule lunch plus dinner food cooking together 👍🏻 thanks again. I am currently breastfeeding and giving him fruits and veggies purées I will definitely try these . Boomi is so cute and she will be turning 1 year in a month now 😇 God bless you mumma and love for baby girls ❤️

  2. Beautiful video much needed one my daughter is also 9 months and she doesn’t like to eat everything u gave so many options i will must try for her …thnq darling 🥰🥰👌🏻

  3. Mai broccoli spinach zucchini beetroot ki bhi banati hoo khichdi ..u can try with mix daal khichdi too.n dhikla moong daal khichdi too..patanjali multigrain dalia is also healthy for baby..u can get in Indian store..u can use freshly great ginger n kachhi haldi too..good for immunity…

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