BREAKFAST with PBJ [salted maple oats] + recipe // WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?! life updates


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  1. Judy, you're just… LIFE. Damn, man, how I wished I could live with my vegan friends and a nutrition classmate… But I don't have any of those lol. I will send my soul through PO box k?

  2. YES. Chia seeds in oats is a must. Also, please come make me oats! ALSO…so happy for you and everything that's happening in your life! You deserve it! So much talent and seriously, your sense of humor is the BEST!

  3. YAYYY this is epic 🙊💕 and you definitely can be both professional and incredibly funny 🌞 I know you're very busy but please don't go completely M.I.A from youtube again 😭 I love your videos so much 🙈🙊💜🐼

  4. Aw i love to see you guys together (which just reminds me of how much I miss you😭) Can't wait to see more videos again, YAY! also LOVED the end haha, more of these behind the scenes please 😘💗

  5. I DIE at every story i open from you, you make me laugh so hard and i always show your snaps to my schoolmates hahhah PLEASE bring that to your channel, you're hilarious!

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