Breakfast Recipes – How to Make Breakfast Tacos


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  1. Breakfast tacos are from south texas not mexico. This aren't even authentic breakfast tacos either. Breakfast tacos are made with handmade flour tortillas NOT corn tortillas.

  2. Hey allrecipes I was wondering if you have or could make a video about a Mother's Day breakfast. I want to make my mom breakfast but I don't want the usual eggs and buttered bread. Keep in mind 14 just I would appreciate it if it was pretty simple too thx

  3. Why are most people on the internet so quick to judge if it is authentic or not and then just bail on the recipe for not being authentic. Seriously guys, even though it is not, you are not really helping anyone when you say that it is. Just enjoy (or not enjoy) the food.

  4. for breakfast, I would think some small cubes of potato would be good in there too, I might replace the green pepper with that, as I cannot eat  green pepper anymore 🙁

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