Breakfast Idea: Rice Egg Bowl!


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  1. I made this tonight, and it was so good that I made a second one for tomorrow. I tripled the amount of eggs, water and rice and I microwaved it for 5:30 the first time and another 4:00 after stirring. Worked great! I used normal onions, baby carrots, kale slaw, frozen peas, garlic powder, pepper and soy sauce. And cheddar cheese.

  2. Excellent! I used half 'n' half instead of water for richness. It came out delicious with an interesting texture. Sending it to our grandniece who's starting at UCLA but doesn't cook much. Thank you! 😊

  3. So I kind of regret doubling this recipe because one serving probably would have been enough for two days, it’s extremely filling!! Also it honestly tastes so good I expected it to be heavy with egg but the rice kinda balances that out so you get full really fast but you don’t feel like you’re struggling to choke down egg (i don’t really like scrambled eggs so this might just be me)

  4. This looks delicious!! It competely cooks the eggs you put in?? I wish I had the ingredients to try making this tomorrow!!! I am hoping to go to Japan in hopefully a year or two, so maybe I should make a playlist of simple recipes!!

  5. Guys Guys Geez. Yeah okay add this take away that fine. The value in vids like this is the idea. If it triggers you into something you're familiar with then great. Cooking is about comfort and experiment. Do as you will. I personally think it's a great idea. It's like scrambled eggs and bacon and steamed congee and mushroom risotto all for breakfast. The ultimate in fusion cooking.

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