Breakfast Egg Bread How to Make Recipe


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  1. Hi there just made your recipe now bec i'm craving somethinh to eat this night but all we have are eggs & bread lol but gladly it went well !!! My bf said it's delicious he loves it while playing his game hahaha thank u so much !!! Hope u'll do more recipe God bless!

  2. Doesn't matter what the Brits call it…it's still French Toast without the sweetness…thats where the idea (dipping bread in whipped eggs) comes from…the French…the Brits don't want to call it French Toast because, well, its called French Toast…no Englishman wants to down his bacon and beans with French Toast, no they do it with something called eggy bread…with a splash of oil…which isn't French Toast…so they say…

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  4. Onion powder, pepper and chopped green Chives would have been great in this egg milk/mixture. Sprinkle with yellow Cheddar cheese towards the end, flip over and repeat, flip over and serve. A side of Hash brown potatoes, green/reed bell peppers with sausage would have made this dish completely scrumptious. 😍😛😋

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