Breakfast Casserole Recipe | Egg Bake


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  1. I cooked this and it was sooo good but ouch my diet. I even used 2% cheese and 2% milk and it was still over 500 calories a serving. Wonder if I leave the butter out if that will make a difference?

  2. Love your snow gals! Just found this channel today. New subscriber. 👍🏼 This looks like a delicious and easy meal that my entire family would actually all like every ingredient in it. That’s hard to find!

  3. Hey! I have a question. It's kinda of about the food but mostly about the dogs.

    Have you ever cracked an egg on the dogs food? I have before because it's good for them but I've heard people like just dont want there dogs to have them. I mean it's not gonna kill them it's very good for them so ya that's the question. LOL.

    Like I dont give my dog the eggs all the time because I feed him the well ness core raw rev HE LOVES IT. So ya. Just that lol.

  4. Breakfast is always my favorite food! My family has been making this for a long time too. It's really good! It would be good with a little bit of syrup!

  5. I still don't understand the mustard. I'm not a mustard fan at all. Id have to try it minus the mustard. My problem always is, if i make bacon i want 2 eat it then. Its hard to cook bacon and save it for another recipe.

  6. I'm impressed with the whisk technique. That's one of those things that I see and I wonder why I never tried that before or even thought of it. I'm having eggs tonight just to try that.

  7. This is not other man but if you like what you saw and you should subscribe to their Channel and like the video they are the best Channel you could ever watch and all their dogs will make you happy

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