Braised Pork in Pastry (Porc Braisé en Pâtisserie) French recipe


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  1. I am using electrical pressure cooker, and after first round it almost dried up, it left me nothing for sauce….can I add water into it, and continue braise for next 30 mins?

  2. This is one of the delights of your channel – finding a previously unnoticed video which I can almost guarantee will taste amazing and which, despite having many stages to it, is not at any stage difficult to prepare 🙂 hats off to you for coming up with another amazing recipe and sharing it. Thank you!

  3. You can braise it in the oven in a heavy dish with a tight fitting lid. Typically you would do it at about 160*C for the first 2 hours then 100°C for another 1-2 hours until very tender. The flavor will be just fine, so don't worry.

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