BRACIOLE Recipe | Stuffed Meat with Eggplant, Cheese and Prosciutto | Italian Food Recipes


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  1. Those look great my friend . I knew it was your mother in law as soon as I saw her , she can pass for your wife's twin . Saw the food father also lmao you crack me up . I hope all is well

  2. Ciao Vincenzo, come ben saprai queste si chiamano braciole solo nel sud Italia perchè da Roma in su si chiamano involtini e le braciole sono dei tagli di carne con l'osso. Che cosa buffa la differenza di linguaggio culinario :-))

  3. Vincenzo I want everyone to know tthat if you want to cook original and fantastic Italian cuisine, this is the go to channel. Obviously collaborating with your mother-in-law on this Braciole recipe was a wise idea, for she is an outstanding chef, and if I dare say so quite beautiful. This amazing recipe looked absolutely delicious. Italian style stuffed veal, with, of course all of the right ingredients. Fantastic!

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