Borscht Soup Recipe- Martha Stewart


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  1. Thank you both for this cooking 'how to'; I look forward to trying this. I think I 'might' add some potatoes to taste, after I try it the original way you've shown. Martha, you're the best!! Cheers!

  2. love these classic videos also; so many different recipes but this is great. I have a friend whose childhood memories include this soup and it's almost exactly like this! My Dad was Serbian and I have an entire translated cookbook of extraordinary meals.

  3. If Martha’s mom is a good Eastern European woman, then you all know she didn’t share her own recipe exactly like she makes it ;p Don’t get so bent out of shape! It looks delicious.

  4. Martha Stewart my mother is now long gone and a Polish Jew who almost perished in the Holocaust but managed to make it to North America and my sister and I are probably unworthy recipients of many of her and our Dad's great ideas. But they are ever present in our minds and hearts and some fundamental recipes remain, indelibly. I thank you and your mother for this collaborative presentation. As a foodie I mess about with food as the characters of The Wind in the Willows Messed about in Boats .. a meditative exercise, but this was utterly lovely. Many thanks!

  5. I haven't attempted borscht soup for decades, only eating beets at a buffet when dining out. My husband came home with a good deal on beets and said to do something with it. I quickly went on youtube how to, and of course, selected Martha Stewart. I surprised myself making it, now want to do it again, since I missed some things like adding flour for thickener and had only parsley (no dill weed). I ladled beet broth in with sour cream and it was so smooth. Amazed that the lemon juice stops the red bleeding. Thank you for sharing this special recipe, going to watch it a few times.

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