Boiled Chicken Recipe


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  1. Hi, honey! I learned an Asiatic and Kosher method and I would start the chicken alone in salt water and then skim off the scum and then proceed, but this is wonderful! I have resubbed you, I only resubbed you briefly. I am an American in France and learning African cooking has saved me a lot of money and made me more fearless in the kitchen and has made some great meals! Bless you and yours!

  2. Delicious thanks for sharing Oumou. I am also a fan of cooking different types of food. I currently can cook Liberian Caribbean Soul-food and Italian food. I want to learn how to cook other African foods; so your channel helps.

  3. Uprated. I would start by putting the chicken into the boiling water alone, boiling it for ten minutes, skimming off the scum, then adding the other things and continuing. But this looks so good and basic! Everyone seems to like boiled chicken or a small turkey! They are expensive in my country so we have chicken and turkey only as a treat every month or so. Greetings from France!

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