Boeuf Bourguignon with Wild Mushrooms Recipe ¦ Marco Pierre White


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  1. you might be asking why i dump a whole garlic chopped in half in truth be told "i couldnt be fucked peeling all the fiddly shit of all the little cloves just chuck the fucker in there"

  2. I'm in the house by 6pm, with all the right materials.
    To the kitchen I go, with my stock pots safe beside my mint imperials.
    A recipe, why? Taste, taste, taste..
    Your taste buds can't deceive …
    With stock pot everything's delicious…
    Something salt alone, can't achieve….👌👍

  3. I wonder how much somebody would pay for this dish if it was preparted in a restaurant. That red bordoeox wine costs about $110/bottle and he used the entire thing, plus the port wine plus the expensive meat. This dish probably costs about $150 to $200 to make for a regular US household.

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