Boeuf bourguignon – recipe


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  1. I make mine with beef short ribs. Everyone goes nuts for it. I don't add flour till the end after I strain it. Then add a butter and flour mix to the strained liquid and thicken it into a gravy on the stove. Then add the meat and veggies back in.

  2. Most people don't know that trick of putting the juices in the freezer and the fat completely solidifies at the top, then you just scoop it up with a spoon, and wala, a healthy meal.

  3. I just put everything in one casserole dish and it turned out brilliant. I have always believed that the same results can be achieved without messing about. My mum cooked that way and she was a brilliant cook

  4. I've made a version of this recipe for 25 years.  My only suggestion would be to cut the meat into small cubes and serve over rice.  You can skip a step in this recipe where she takes the beef out and let's it rest if you cut it into cubes.  

  5. This is one of the best bourguignon recipes I've seen. For those who say this takes too long – you must just not like cooking. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Also keep in mind that homemade is almost always best. The average Parisian bistro that serves this dish is merely reheating a premade meal it bought from a wholesaler!  

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