Bodybuilding Meal: Salmon Recipe High Protein & Healthy Fat


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  1. You are a good guy, I like how you make the video with your father 👍🏼. This relationship between the father and the son we don't see it anymore these days! Good job and keep the good staff going. Good luck 👍🏼

  2. WoW! Looks delicious, I had to add it to my playlist & I can't wait to try it out tomorrow, perhaps excluding the feta (I hope that won't have too much of a negative impact upon the deliciousness). Keep it up guys.

  3. I made this recipe today i just added marinara sause to the spinach and garlic and tomatoes. Thanks for the receipe had it over rice noodles. i also added two slices of avacado on the side.

  4. Hey pal, Im looking for somekind of a natural pick me up just prior to the destruction that will happen when I get to the gym. Sometimes I find myself yawwwwwning in between sets. Any ideas? @mattyfusaro

  5. Awesomely simple and beautiful presentation too. Nice how that skin just comes off — whereas it would be a bitch to try to cut that off first. I miss these kinds of videos from you.

  6. The problem with cooking with aluminium foil at high heat is that the aluminium is absorbed into the fish, and can cause aluminium toxicity which can lead to many health issues like alzheimers.

  7. the "shiny side" of the aluminium paper should never touch the food. that is the reason why it sticks to the food after done cooking. to prevent that make sure that the "none shiny side" of the aluminium paper doesn't touch salmon 🙂 turn the papaer the other side.

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