BODYBUILDING French Toast Sticks Recipe (High Protein)


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  1. I made these yesterday. They were amazing I let my 35cal high fiber bread dry out a little and then let them soak in the mixture for 2 mins before cooking them in a skillet. I did have to use a spatula to transfer the bread but they were delicious with great macros. Cooked on lower heat and added more cinnamon to my taste.

    Thanks Protein Chef!

  2. I love this recipe, it's quick, easy, taste great, and my son loves it too. the protein we use only has 26 grams of protein, but hey that's more than I would get if I was eating sugary cereal. thanks for your awesome videos.

  3. Good Idea using The protein powder.I use only one egg yolk and two egg whites.Seperate one yolk and bin it(less fat) I think brown bread is a good option to use too.I use a  brown soda bread in mine(Im sure they sell that in the states, popular here in ireland)This method cooks great and is that bit healthier.

  4. That calorie total has to be high right because u barely used any of the mix that u dunked the bread in. Or did u take that inti cinsideratuin on that calorie total. Moat if that mix was wasted right?

  5. Texas toast really only has 3g's of carbs for 4 pieces? I feel like there maybe more than that. But still looks like a worthy recipe to try out with my diet! Very cool, like the channel!!

  6. Awesome awesome awesome recipe. I added some orange zest and squeezed some juice in mine for some extra flavor. I halved the recipe (since it was the first time) and got 4 slices from the batter (maybe because I used normal sliced bread). But that means I get leftovers and will def be making it again. Thank you derek ! 

  7. Protein Chef is an argument for cloning. I'm just saying!  Lately, I just like to watch whatever Beefcake makes get eaten by him. Sigh…So adorable.  Oooh…what if he's a twin!   Oye vey….

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